Piri Hunting Safari
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Avcılık (2018-09-03)
Hunting season open in Turkey with PİRİ TURİZM
Piri Hunting Safari

Turkey is one of the countries by excellence for hunting wild boars. These wild boars can become very old and develop impressive trophies. Wild boars live in areas of valleys and small mountains covered with holm oaks, pines and junipers. Our team of professional guides has a great experience in wild boar hunting, every year we have the pleasure of making beautiful records, trophies between 20 and 31 cm with weights between 190 and 240 Kg.

Also to know that wild boars have taken a winter hair so more imposing for a trophy in cape.

we make our hunting in the region of Tokat, Sinop,... on an area of more than 500,000 hectares.

The surface of our territories makes it possible to preserve the quality of the hunt and offers to each one the possibility to take some beautiful wild boars with a good luck of a big male with big trophy !

Who has not dreamed of shooting a trophy often exceeding the bar of 20 centimeters of defense?

Our hunting are made for groups of between 8 and 12 hunters, the expertises  (a mix of villagers and dogs) are remarkable; they know where to find wild boars but also where to put the hunters for maximum results ! Every hunter is posted just where he need to ... You know, it's an advantage to be well placed !